Steven Langel, The MITRE Corporation; Omar Garcia-Crespillo, Institute of Communications and Navigation, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany; Mathieu Joerger, Virginia Tech

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In this paper, we develop, analyze, and implement a new recursive method to conservatively account for non-Gaussian measurement errors with an uncertain correlation structure in Kalman filters (KFs). Under the assumptions of symmetric overbounding, the method guarantees a CDF overbound on the entire KF estimation error distribution. First, we leverage previous work on symmetric overbounding and frequency-domain overbounding to show how to transform a measurement domain CDF overbound into a position domain overbound. The second part of the paper evaluates the proposed method through Monte Carlo simulation for a GPS-based position estimation problem. Specifically, we show that while frequency domain overbounding produces a position domain overbound for Gaussian noise with an uncertain correlation structure, combination with symmetric overbounding is required to ensure position domain overbounding for non-Gaussian correlated noise.