Angela Aragon-Angel, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, Italy

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The adoption of the Galileo Ionospheric Correction Algorithm, NeQuick-G, by the GNSS community has been hampered in the past due to its complexity. During 2019, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) was involved in the review, recoding and testing of the NeQuick-G algorithm, with the objective to provide a professional version, open-source, fit for integration in any GNSS software suite and fully portable on any platform. Since December 2019, the JRC NeQuick-G code is being distributed through the European GNSS Service Centre web portal under an EU Public License (EUPL). This effort is expected to contribute greatly to the adoption of NeQuick-G model at user level. This version of the code has been designed to be highly modular, rendering it more legible for a potential programmer with no specific knowledge of the ionosphere. A library has been also developed to enable its quick integration into existing applications. This library should be of high interest for the European GNSS Agency's GNSS Raw Measurements Task Force. The introduction of Google Android 7.0 revision allows for direct access to raw GNSS pseudoranges observed by smartphones and the NeQuick-G library is ready to be easily integrated in any embedded system.