Aoki Takanose, Yoshiki Atsumi, Kanamu Takikawa, Junichi Meguro, Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meijo University, Japan

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In this study, we propose a low-cost, accurate and robust position estimation method. Special emphasis is placed on dead reckoning using low-cost IMU. The use of low-cost IMU tends to cause bias error. In order to achieve high performance even with low-cost IMU, GNSS correction is used. The evaluation tests were conducted using IMUs in various price ranges. The results of Allan variance of the IMUs confirmed that the higher the price, the more stable the bias and the better the performance. Therefore, using the proposed method, the dead reckoning performance was almost the same for all IMUs. This indicates that the correction effect of the inexpensive IMU is effective. We also evaluated the IMU stand-alone performance by virtually blocking the satellite signal. The results are confirmed to be independent of the IMU performance due to Allan variance. We expect that this phenomenon may be related to changes in vehicle motion and vibration.