Dmitry Kuznetsov, Broadcom Inc.

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New wideband GNSS signals have narrower correlation peak which gives better protection against multipath. At the same time, narrow correlation peaks create a new threat of tracking NLOS (non-line-of-sight) signals as it were LOS (line-of-sight). This paper introduces a method of detection of such situations if LOS signal is presented. In addition, the paper describes the multipath effect in frequency domain and shows that it can be as dangerous for GNSS receivers as classical code delay multipath, preventing LOS signal detection. In the paper, it is shown how to choose frequency and delay steps and other correlation parameters in order to meet required sensitivity for the LOS signal detection. There are also some recommendations for optimizing parameters giving some memory and power savings. The performance testing of Broadcom 4776 GNSS chipset with and without the proposed method finalizes the paper.