Jingjing Wang, Joon Goo Park, School of Electronics Engineering, Kyungpook, National University Electronics Engineering, South Korea

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The traditional indoor positioning method based on the received signal strength indicator has low positioning accuracy and poor stability. To improve the positioning accuracy of the indoor environment, an indoor positioning method based on Bootstrap filtering CSI ranging model is proposed. Firstly, the least square method is used to fit the ranging model based on effective CSI value. Secondly, Bootstrap Filter is used to smoothing the ranging error of the effective CSI measurement value, and decrease the influence of the process noise. Finally, using the triangulation method to estimate the coordinates of the target position. The positioning method is verified by experiments in a representative indoor environment and compared with two existing classical positioning methods in the same indoor environment. Experiments show that, compared with the existing positioning methods, the method proposed in this paper effectively reduces the ranging error and improves the positioning accuracy.