G. Moreno, C. Sanz, M. Cueto, A. Cezón, GMV, Spain; A. Viguria, A. Jiménez, CATEC, Spain; T. Tavares, K. Callewaert, VVA, Spain; M. Aguilera, I. Alcantarilla, European Commission, Belgium

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One of the objectives of the EC related to the Space Strategy for Europe is to promote the use of EGNOS and Galileo solutions in EU policies. Focusing on UAVs, GNSS is identified as a promising technology, and there are several reasons by which EGNSS can provide a significant added value (better performances in terms of accuracy, availability or continuity, enhanced robustness provision, integrity & authentication provision…). Although EGNSS services could potentially enhance UAV operations, the absence of GNSS requirements for UAVs prevents a complete identification of EGNSS added value. In this context, the EC funded a project, EGNSS4RPAS, to support on standardisation actions for EGNOS & Galileo in UAVs. This project, which was performed by VVA, GMV and CATEC, lasted twelve months and concluded in September 2019. The purpose of this document is to provide a summary of the main technical activities performed in the frame of the project to analyse the added value of EGNSS for different UAV´s operations: • On the one hand, the main outcomes of the testing campaigns performed within the project will be summarized. It is important to point out that one of the first urban trials performed in Europe following SORA analysis was performed in the frame of this project. • On the other hand, the main results of the performance analyses carried out for different UAS environments and UAS categories will also be presented. Those assessments aimed at analysing the performance level achievable for other user cases (other environments and categories) not covered by the trials and to compare against the trials´ outcomes. • Alongside the technical analyses, the project also carried out an economic assessment on the costs and benefits of relying on EGNSS-enabled UAVs for the transport of goods such as biomedical samples, food and packages.