Mike Horton, Anello Photonics; David Chen, GEODNET; Yudan Yi, Anello Photonics

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The concept of a Blockchain-based Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network was first introduced at ION 2021 to positive reception. Following the September 2021 ION meeting, community interest in the network grew quickly. By the end of January 2022, over 1000 base stations locations had been reserved. By the end of February 2002, the number of reservations surpassed 3000, and the first 100 stations were delivered for installation. This presentation will discuss initial positioning performance utilizing clusters of GEODNET base-stations deployed in North America and Europe. The paper will update projected GEODNET network coverage by the end of 2022. Project and community plans for users of both RTK and PPP services will be presented, as well as the roadmap for building additional independent decentralized correction services on top of GEODNET. Finally, the paper will provide perspective on the challenges of running a high-reliability yet fully decentralized large-scale augmentation network.