Marie-Cécile Delmas and M. Kévin Salsac, Thales Alenia Space France

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The GAMBAS project (Galileo Advanced features for the Maritime domain: Breakthrough Applications for Safety and security) is funded by the European Space Program Agency (EUSPA) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no 101004292 aiming at identifying the Search-and-Rescue and Ship Security Alert System needs for maritime users (including operators and fishing stakeholders), and developing operational concepts to answer these needs. The general objective of the GAMBAS project is to support the deployment of Galileo exclusive features in the maritime domain, in order to improve: • safety and security at sea; • detection of illegal activities and associated surveillance means; • resilience to natural and human-induced emergency situations; and to develop, integrate, demonstrate, standardize and disseminate these new associated capabilities. The project aims to demonstrate: • improvement of the SAR (Search And Rescue) and SSAS (Ship Security Alert System) detection and response to maritime distress, through the integration of new features into the beacon for SSAS, in terms of cost optimization, user-friendly aspects, integration of Galileo and OS NMA (Open Service Navigation Message Authentication) reception for improved authenticated localization performance and reliability, and at sea triggering capabilities, • optimization of the responsiveness of RCCs (Rescue Coordination Center) towards the distress situations affecting vessels, • adaptation of the MCCs (Mission Control Center) and MEOLUT (Medium Earth Orbit Local User Terminal) to the data distribution of SSAS alerts.