Session B3: Autonomous Applications


Date: Thursday, September 14, 2023
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Location: Capitol Ballroom 5-7 (Fourth Floor)
In-Person presenters in this session provide pre-recorded presentations for viewing by registered attendees on Wednesday, September 13.

Session Chairs

Dr. Boubeker Belabbas

Mitch Narins
Strategic Synergies LLC

Track Chair

Dr. Andrew Neish
Xona Space Systems

In-Person Presentations
These presentations will be given in-person at the conference. Presenters will provide a pre-recorded presentation for on-demand viewing by virtual attendees.
8:35 Supercorrelation™ for Autonomous Platforms, Providing Increased Accuracy, Sensitivity and Integrity
Ramsey Faragher, Paulo Esteves, Javier Garcia, J. Rossouw van der Merwe, Dana Jamal, Samir Benmendil, Chris Higgins, Rose Grey, Mark Crockett, Focal Point Positioning Ltd.
8:57 A Joint Vision of Infrastructure Strategy for Resilient Navigation in the Airspace
Okuary Osechas, German Aerospace Center (DLR); Mitch Narins, Strategic Synergies, LLC; Gerhard Berz, EUROCONTROL; Lannie Herlihy, FAA; Sherman Lo, Stanford University
9:20 Sensor Fusion of Precise GNSS/INS with Lidar Map-Based Localization
David Rüegg, Keith Leung, Kurt Bioletti, Lorenz Görcke, Trimble Inc.
9:43 Extended Results of Single Epoch Position Bound (SEPB) for High Integrity Automotive Applications
Olivier Julien, Hayden Dorahy, Chris Hide, u-blox; Ian Sheret, Polymath Insight Ltd
10:05-10:35, Break. Refreshments in Exhibit Hall
10:40 High-altitude Aircraft Navigation via Radio SLAM with Terrestrial Signals of Opportunity
Zak (Zaher) M. Kassas, The Ohio State University; Nadim Khairallah, SpaceX; Joe Khalife, University of California, Irvine; Chiawei Lee, Juan Jurado, Steven Wachtel, Jacob Duede, Zachary Hoeffner, Thomas Hulsey, and Rachel Quirarte, US Air Force; and RunXuan Tay, Republic of Singapore Air Force
11:03 Obscuration Modelling for Autonomous Vehicle Operation Using GNSS
Matthew Pottle, Paul Hansen, Esther Anyaegbu, Jeremy Bennington, Positioning, Navigation & Timing, Spirent Communications PLC
11:26 Bounding GPS-Based Positioning and Navigation Uncertainty for Autonomous Drifting via Reachability
Asta Wu, Adyasha Mohanty, Anonto Zaman, Grace Gao, Stanford University Best Presentation
11:48 Estimation Method of a Probability Rate of Hazardous Misleading Information based on Limited Samples and Using the Extreme Value Theory
Thomas Ulrich, Noha El Gemayel and Boubeker Belabbas, BOSCH GmbH
Alternate Presentations
Alternate presentations may be given in-person at the conference if other authors are unable to present. Alternate Presenters will provide a pre-recorded presentation for on-demand viewing by virtual attendees.
1. LDACS APNT Service Area Analysis with Barometric Altimeter Augmentation and Ground Station Selection Constraints
Gianluca Zampieri, German Aerospace Center (DLR) & RWTH; Gary A. McGraw, Consultant; Okuary Osechas, Brandon Weaver, DLR; Michael Meurer, DLR & RWTH
2. GMV GSharp® Safe Solution for High Accuracy
A. González, E. Carbonell, L. Martínez, J.L. Carretero, G. Tobías, D. Calle, P.F. Navarro, I. Rodríguez, GMV
Virtual Presentations
Pre-recorded presentations will become available for viewing by registered attendees on Wednesday, September 13.
  A Novel Data-driven Adaptive Robust Filter based on TCN-ACKF Method for Autonomous Train Localization System
Weishu Wang, Jiang Liu, Wei Shangguan, Beijing Jiaotong University
  Multi-Sensor Fusion and Real-Time FDE for UGVs Based on Factor Graph Optimization
Jiahao Xu, Hongxia Wang, Zhiqiang Dan, Zhipeng Wang, Yanbo Zhu, Beihang University

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