Session F5: PANEL: Beyond GNSS: Emerging Trends in LEO-based Satnav and Signals of Opportunity for PNT 


Date: Friday, September 23, 2022
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
In-Person presenters in this session may provide pre-recorded presentations for viewing by registered attendees.

Session Chairs

Dr. Sanjeev Gunawardena
Air Force Institute of Technology

Dr. Joanna Hinks
AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate 

Track Chair

Dr. Fabio Dovis
Politecnico di Torino

As a signal of opportunity, Wi-Fi has provided 10-meter positioning accuracy for billions of users this past decade. The emerging Wi-Fi round-trip time (RTT) standard will provide 1-meter accuracy that will be a game changer for indoor positioning. Likewise, the location capabilities currently being incorporated into 5G standards will serve a major role in UAV and autonomous vehicle applications. The rapid deployment of LEO-based mega constellations for broadband has given us a myriad of signals from space with unprecedented availability and frequency diversity. Early research has shown that these signals can be used effectively for navigation. Furthermore, several entities are working on LEO-based constellations that are purpose built for PNT. Together, these technologies represent the exciting future of radionavigation-based technologies for PNT. They promise to augment the pros and overcome the cons of GNSS. Our panel of experts will describe these technologies, their expected performance, challenges yet to overcome, and when we can expect operational capabilities.

Panel Members: 

1. Wi-Fi Round Trip Time (RTT) Location Technology: Dr. Roy Want, Google
2. Emerging 5G Celular PNT Capabilities and Standards: Mr. Logan Scott, LS Consulting
3. Doppler Based PNT from LEO Mega Constellations: Dr. Mark Psiaki,
Virginia Tech
4. Perspectives on LEO-based PNT: Dr. Emanuela Falletti, LINKS Foundation
5. ESA Perspectives on LEO-based PNT: Mr. Lionel Ries, European Space Agency
6. Purpose-built Commercial LEO-based PNT Systems: Mr. Salvatore Corvo, Thales Alenia Space
7. Exploiting LEO and 5G Cellular Signals of Opportunity for PNT: Dr. Zak Kassas, University of California, Irvine



Awards Luncheon • 12:15 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. (Lunch served until 12:30 p.m.; late arrivals will not be served)