Session D1: Alternative Technologies for GNSS-Denied Environments


Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
In-Person presenters in this session may provide pre-recorded presentations for viewing by registered attendees.

Session Chairs

Dr. Chen Zhu
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Dr. Weisong Wen
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Track Chair

Dr. Zhen Zhu
East Carolina University

In-Person Presentations
These presentations will be given in-person at the conference. Presenters will provide a pre-recorded presentation for on-demand viewing by virtual attendees.
8:35 Evaluation of a Complementary Navigation Filter Steering a UAS Autopilot in a GNSS Contested Environment : Andrew L. Appleget, Josiah Watson, Jeremy Gray, Robert C. Leishman, Autonomy Navigation and Technology Center, Air Force Institute of Technology
8:57 UAV-UGV Cooperative Navigation for Automated Vehicle Platoons Utilizing Aerial Monocular Vision : Robert Williams, Daniel Kamrath, Kyle Thompson, Scott Martin, David Bevly, Auburn University/GAVLAB
9:20 Analysis in Long-range AprilTag Pose Estimation and Error Modeling : Suyeon Cho and Euiho Kim, Department of Mechanical & System Design Engineering, Hongik University
9:43 Fault-Free Integrity and Continuity for Driverless Urban Vehicle Navigation: A Case Study in Downtown Chicago : Kana Nagai, Matthew Spenko, Ron Henderson, Boris Pervan, Illinois Institute of Technology
10:40 Utilizing LiDAR Registration on 3D High Accuracy Digital Maps for Robust Positioning in GNSS Challenging Environments : Eslam Mounier, Queen's University, and Ain Shams University; Shaza Kaoud Abdelaziz, Paulo Ricardo Marques de Araujo, Queen's University; Sina Taghavikish, Mohamed Elhabiby, Micro Engineering Tech Inc.; Aboelmagd Noureldin, Royal Military College, and Queen's University
11:03 Atom Strapdown: High Rate Phase Shift Calculation for Atom Interferometer Inertial Sensors : Benjamin Tennstedt, Nicolai Weddig, Steffen Schön, Institut für Erdmessung, Leibniz University Hannover; Ashwin Rajagopalan, Sven Abend, Ernst Rasel, Institut für Quantenoptik, Leibniz University Hannover
11:26 LEO PNT through Optimised LEO and INS : Harshal Shyamsundar More, Tor Vergata University of Rome; Roberto Gerardi, Randstad Italia; Cosimo Stallo, Thales Alenia Space Italia; Mauro De Sanctis, and Ernestina Cianca, Tor Vergata University of Rome
11:48 Accounting for Magnetic Anomaly Map Artifacts in Magnetic Navigators : Aaron Nielsen, Jeremy Gray, Jonnathan Bonifaz, Robert Leishman, Air Force Institute of Technology
Alternate Presentations
Alternate presentations may be given in-person at the conference if other authors are unable to present. Alternate Presenters will provide a pre-recorded presentation for on-demand viewing by virtual attendees.
1. Tightly Coupled GNSS/IMU/UWB Kalman Filter Supporting UAS Auto Land in GNSS Harsh Environment : Cheolmin Lee and Euiho Kim, Hongik University, South Korea
2. Optimization of UWB Network Placement using Genetic Algorithm Supporting Drone Taxi Landing in Vertiport : Doyeon Jung, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Hongik University; Euiho Kim, Dept. of Mechanical & System Design Engineering, Hongik University
Virtual Presentation
Pre-recorded presentations will become available for viewing by registered attendees on Wednesday, September 21.
  Gyroscope Drift Estimation of a GPS/MEMS-INS Smartphone Sensor Integration Navigation System for Kayaking : Kelly Harke and Kyle O'Keefe, Department of Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary

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