Session A1: Augmentation Services, Integrity and Authentication


Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
In-Person presenters in this session may provide pre-recorded presentations for viewing by registered attendees.

Session Chairs

Dr. Paul Alves
Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning Division

Dr. Santiago Perea Diaz
European Space Agency

Track Chair

Laura Norman
Hexagon / NovAtel Inc.

In-Person Presentations
These presentations will be given in-person at the conference. Presenters will provide a pre-recorded presentation for on-demand viewing by virtual attendees.
8:35 Estimating GPS Signal Deformation Waveforms Using WAAS Correlator Measurements : R. Eric Phelts and Todd Walter, Stanford University
8:57 Experimental validation of Dual-frequency Signal Quality Monitor to Support CAT II/III GBAS : Junesol Song, Carl Milner, and Christophe Macabiau, ENAC, Université de Toulouse
9:20 Availability of DFMC GBAS with Iono Gradient Monitoring : Tim Murphy, Matt Harris, Glaucia Balvedi, Boeing; Gary McGraw, Joel Wichgers, Collins; Linda Lavik, Morten Topland, Mutaz Tuffaha, Indra Navia; Susumu Saito, ENRI
9:43 Evaluation of Satellite Clock and Ephemeris Error Bounding Predictability for Integrity Applications : Xinwei Liu, Juan Blanch, Todd Walter, Stanford University
10:40 ARAIM Airborne Algorithm: Sensitivity & Feasibility Analyses and Test Procedures Identification : Enrique Domínguez-Tijero, Roxana Mihaela, Marta Cueto, GMV; Ettore Canestri, Mikael Mabilleau, Marco Porretta, EUSPA
11:03 SBAS Authentication Concept Trade-offs : Luciano Tosato, Daniele Pozza, Chris Wullems, Andrea Dalla Chiara, QASCOM; Alessandra Calabrese, GMV; Mikael Mabilleau, Ettore Canestri, EUSPA
11:26 PPP and IMU Referenced LIDAR Data for 3D Mapping and Monitoring of Aerial Electric Power Lines : M. Nisi, The SARA Project s.r.l., G. Fasano, F. Causa, University of Naple Federico II, Industrial Engineering; I. Colomina, Geonumerics SL; A. Mennella, TopView s.r.l.; M. Lisi, Independent Consultant
11:48 GNSS-based Train Localization Integrity Performance Evaluation : Pierrick Grandjean, Raphaël Pons, Airbus Defence and Space; Carl Milner, Heekwon No, ENAC; Valentin Barreau, SNCF
Virtual Presentations
Pre-recorded presentations will become available for viewing by registered attendees on Wednesday, September 21.
  Automatic Augmentation Switch for Keeping Precise Positioning : Takahiro Yamamoto and Kazuhiro Terao, CORE Corporation
  KOREA Augmentation Satellite System (KASS): First System Performance with Deployed System : Carolle Houllier, Thierry Authié, Guillaume Comelli, Thales Alenia Space; ByungSeok Lee, Eunsung Lee, Youngsun Yun, Korea Aerospace Research Institute; Cheon Sig SIN, Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute
  Tropospheric Anomalies Assessment for CAT II/III GBAS Based on IGS Products : Honglin Tang, Kun Fang, Kai Guo, Zhipeng Wang, Beihang University; Yanbo Zhu, Beihang University & Aviation Data Communication Corporation; Zhiqiang Dan, Beijing Hualong Tong Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Buffet Lunch in Exhibit Hall, 12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m., • Free Time in Exhibit Hall, 1:15 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.