Session D6: PANEL: AI-Enabled Navigation in Smart Cities


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Date: Friday, September 24, 2021
Time: 1:45 p.m. - 4:50 p.m.
Location: Grand Ballroom ABC
In-Person presenters in this session may provide pre-recorded presentations for viewing by registered attendees.

Session Chairs

Dr. Andrew Hansen

Dr. Charles Toth
The Ohio State University

Track Chair

Dr. Zak Kassas
University of California, Irvine

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Technology insertion of artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding many facets of our modern-day life. In parallel, there are ambitious plans to bring unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operations into the national airspace and self-driving cars into our streets. Endowing these autonomous, safety-critical cyber-physical systems (CPS) with AI could bring numerous opportunities. But how about the new challenges that would arise and what about the unintended consequences? This panel features transportation, critical infrastructure, and commercial perspectives with PNT experts discussing opportunities and challenges of AI-enabled navigation in smart cities.

In-Person Presentations
These presentations will be given in-person at the conference. Presenters have the option of providing a pre-recorded presentation for on-demand viewing by virtual attendees.
Ms. Karen Van Dyke, Director for PNT and Spectrum Management, US Department of Transportation (DOT)  
Dr. Peter Reinartz, Department Head of the Department Photogrammetry and Image Analysis, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
Dr. Jan Dirk Wegner, Chair at the Institute for Computational Science, University of Zurich and Head of the EcoVision Lab at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Mr. Joe Grasso, Location-Based Services Portfolio Lead, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Dr. Erik Blasch, Program Officer, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)