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About Us:
Ideal Aerosmith has been working to support diverse customer needs since 1938. Over the years, once small avionics instruments lab has grown to become the premier provider of turnkey solutions, custom products and services, with an expertise in motion simulation, build-to-print, automated test equipment (ATE) and software development.
Among the markets Ideal Aerosmith serves the needs of the Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) industry are central to our mission; we offer a range of products: 1-, 2- and 3-axis rate table systems for inertial sensors and systems testing, calibration and verification, flight motion simulators for hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) testing for guidance, navigation and control (GNC) components or entire missiles, and complex avionics test equipment, including SATCOM, RF, radome boresight and dedicated airline testers.
To support the needs of the clients and to keep up with the speed of technology developments, Ideal Aerosmith offers a number of complementary services dedicated to support short development and production cycles. These include: built-to-print services with fast turnarounds, testing-as-a-service in a fully equipped Inertial Testing Lab (ITL) in Phoenix, AZ, and complete turnkey solutions for a variety of applications, from inertial systems testing and aircraft component functional checks to slipring testers and whole field sensor calibration routines for directional drilling.
Of particular interest for PNT clients is the establishment of the Inertial Testing Lab. It is designed to help experienced manufacturers and integrators when production facilities are tied up and new developers with immediate access to inertial test equipment. It also saves the clients early/unnecessary capital acquisition and ownership costs. The ITL is organized on a principle of one client at a time so our customers can safely and securely conduct tests that are competition sensitive or export controlled. Duration of the tests is also flexible as the ITL is available for a day long test, the one that takes several weeks or everything in between. Periodic tests with safe keeping of the equipment/UUTs is another option.
Ideal Aerosmith has equipped the ITL with its own high performance 3-Axis Rate Table, Model 2003HP. This rate table features a thermal chamber, heated with the resistive heating and cooled by liquid Nitrogen (LN2) to allow testing over wide range of different thermal profiles, with fast cooling and heating rates. This rate table is suitable to test almost all known inertial sensors and systems, from consumer to navigation grade gyros and accelerometers, inertial systems, including Inertial Measurement Units (IMU’s) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). The test system also allows for testing of the inertial systems coupled with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) modules, such as GPS navigation devices.
To enable our client’s access to full characterization of the inertial systems, the ITL is also equipped with the linear shaker, to ascertain Unit Under Test (UUT) performance under various vibratory environments. In attempt to support all our customer’s testing needs, Ideal Aerosmith is also researching adding shock and angular vibration capabilities to further enhance our offering.
While geared towards the community of inertial manufacturers and integrators, the ITL can also be useful for anyone who is in need of testing precise rotational motion and positioning, or vibration and shock testing, such as battery testing. The mounting platform (table top) inside the thermal chamber is 24 inches in diameter, so UUT’s of differing sizes can be easily accommodated for motion testing, while the shaker is capable of supporting 200 lb payload, including the fixture weight.
Ideal Aerosmith serves the customers out of four locations in the United States, utilizing lean processes with integrated engineering, manufacturing, and support teams. We look forward to helping you with the next challenge, delivering products and solutions on time and with the best value proposition in the industry. Visit us at and let’s move forward together.