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GMV Aerospace and Defence S.A.U.

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About Us:

GMV is a trusted partner of leading space agencies, satellite operators, satellite manufacturers and system integrators. Since 1984, we provide engineering, software & hardware development and systems integration in the areas of GNSS, mission analysis, GNC, avionics, satellite and mission control, flight dynamics, data processing, mission planning, fleet management, on board software, robotics and applications. Involved in more than 600 satellite missions, GMV has a large portfolio of flight proven products.

GMV is today a worldwide leader in satellite-navigation systems. GMV has a major role on European GNSS systems Galileo and EGNOS, being today the prime contractor for the maintenance and evolution of the Galileo Control System (GCS), and having the responsibility of the critical subsystems in the Galileo Mission System (GMS). GMV is also the prime contractor for the development of multiple Galileo Service centers such as the European GNSS Service Centre (GSC), the Galileo Reference Centre (GRC), the Galileo Timing and Geodesy Validation Facility (TGVF), the Galileo Search and Rescue Return Link Service Provider (SAR-RLSP), the High Accuracy Data Generator (HADG) for the provision of the Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS), the Galileo Scientific Support Centre (GSSC), and contributes to the development and operation of the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC). GMV is also a key player in international SBAS systems, the provision of high accuracy GNSS data products and Precise Point Positioning services for multiple applications such as autonomous driving, and the development or Galileo PRS receivers and applications for MoDs.

GMV is also a worldwide leader of ground systems for telecommunications operators, and a reference European company in ground control systems and data processing for Earth observation and meteorology, development of avionics and advanced GNC systems for planetary defense, technology demonstration missions, launchers and space exploration, space surveillance, robotics, satellite operations engineering and user applications.

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