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Frederic SILVA
Head of Tests & Measurements BU
+33 5 81 31 99 39


5, chemin du chèvrefeuille
Toulouse 31300

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About Us:
Syntony is a Company specialized in designing and manufacturing a full range of GNSS products and solutions, from simulators to receivers. The Test & Measurement product line offers GNSS simulators (Constellator™) and GNSS recorders & replayers (Echo™). The Receivers product line addresses high-end receivers for space (SoftSpot™) and low consumption GNSS receivers for IoT (SoftSpot™ IoT).

Constellator™ is the most advanced and reliable SDR GNSS Simulators on the market. For instance, Constellator™ is used to simulate a complete orbital trajectory to test receivers for the Oneweb Satellite constellation from which the first 74 ones were successfully launched last year. Constellator™ is used by major Space companies (Airbus, Thales, OHB, MAXAR, etc.); Space Agencies (ISRO, etc.) and customers in other domains. Based on a Software Defined Radio (SDR) core, Constellator™ offers key versatility, flexibility and expandability in a fast-changing market.
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Download Constellator™ data sheet:

Echo R&P is considered by the market as the highest fidelity GNSS signal Record and Playback system. Typically used by Aeronautic companies and Space Agencies (CNES, DLR, etc.) for real time GNSS test reception, its capacities are now benefiting to Rail and Smart Transportation companies.
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Syntony’s headquarters are based in France (Toulouse, the aeronautics and space heart of Europe), our offices are spread in: Paris, San Francisco, New York and Montréal.
Our distributors and partners network covers:
North America: USA, Canada
Europe: Germany, Norway, UK, Spain, Sweden
Asia: China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan
Pacific: Australia and New Zealand
Middle East: Israël
Africa: South Africa

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