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Craig Somach
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Time & frequency signal distribution brochure

About Us:
Experts in RF over Fiber (RFoF).

ViaLite's RFoF links are used to transport timing, reference and communication signals from remote antennas. They are used for many applications including data centres, public safety, rail and mining.

For GNSS/GPS timing distribution, ViaLite's GPS link is a reliable method for transporting GNSS/GPS signals from antennas to receivers/re-radiators for timing distribution and accurate synchronization.

These links provide a simple solution for signal distribution over 300 ft (where coax signals become too weak) or to multiple locations, floors or rooms, with point to multipoint lossless distribution. They are also a cost effective alternative to coaxial cable, for synchronizing systems to GPS derived timing signals.

ViaLite also offers 1 PPS and 35 MHz timing signals alongside our GPS links.