ION GNSS+ Panel Moderator Responsibilities

When organizing your panel the following is recommended:

  • Diversity of panel members from industry, government, academia and private consultancy that represent a variety of positions, both in an official capacity and/or personal/private opinions.
  • Recognizing that controversy and diversity of opinion make for the most interesting panel discussions.
  • Invite and confirm the participation of four to six panel members, plus you as a moderator, by the program deadline.  When inviting panelists please be sure to inform them that all conference attendees, including panel speakers, are required to register for the conference and pay registration fees and all travel expenses associated with their participation at their own/sponsor’s expense.
  • Panel discussions are designed to be interactive. Presentations from panel members should be limited to between 5-10 minutes in length to allow adequate time for engaging discussion between panel members and questions from the audience. Longer, detailed presentations are more appropriate for the standard conference technical sessions. Ask each panel member to come prepared to introduce themselves and their position with a 5-10 minute introductory presentation. It is recommended that the presentation contain no more than five charts.
  • Please provide all panel members with thought-provoking questions in advance of the panel, so that they can prepare responses. You might also ask each panelist what questions they are hoping will be asked during the course of the discussion.  It is recommended you come prepared with individual questions for each panel member.
  • It is important for panel moderators to stay in contact with panel members from the time they are invited until the conference. Some of ION’s best panels have been aided by good communication and shared ideas between moderators and panelists prior to arriving at the conference.
  • Please be sure to notify the ION National Office of any changes to your panelists so ION can ensure your session’s signage and the onsite conference program are as accurate as possible.

The following is due to your track chair for inclusion into the ION GNSS+ technical program by April 3

  • A short (25-50 word) summary of your panel that summarizes the issue/problem that will be discussed.
  • A listing of panel participants that includes their full name with title, affiliation, contact information, email addresses and short 25-word biography for each.

On-site at the conference:

  • Please plan to attend the Speakers’ Breakfast the morning of your panel session. You will be seated by session with your panelists and receive important audiovisual information.
  • Please manage/moderate the session on site according to the published schedule.
  • It is recommended you introduce your topic with a five-minute overview presentation at the beginning of the panel, and recap/summarize at the conclusion of the panel.
  • Please manage the question and answer from both the live and virtual audiences (more information on the virutal component is included below); this includes ensuring all comments are spoken/repeated into a microphone and ensuring an audience member does not inappropriately use the Q&A period as a speaking platform.
  • Let the in-room audio visual technician, or onsite ION staff, know if you experience any difficulties or have any questions.