2023 Fellow

Presented to: Dr. Sherman Lo

Citation: For sustained contributions to the development of methods to ensure secure and safe access to positioning, navigation, and timing under adverse conditions

Dr. Sherman Lo 2023 Fellow

Dr. Sherman Lo is a leading authority on alternative positioning, navigation, and timing designed to support aviation requirements. He has created, analyzed, and implemented numerous innovative navigation methods based on loran, DME, ADS-B, and inertial sensors. He was one of the main developers of enhanced loran (eLoran).

Dr. Lo has devoted significant time to designing and analyzing algorithms that support the resilient and robust use of satellite navigation across a broad spectrum of applications. This work includes safety-of-life applications such as the guidance of aircraft, trains, and autonomous vehicles. He has devised methods to support interference detection and mitigation, and to implement navigation signal authentication. These efforts seek to protect users from the harmful effects of jamming and spoofing. He has orchestrated successful test demonstrations with the DoD and DHS and co-authored over 150 papers on these and related topics. His efforts are critical to supporting the FAA and groups such as the GNSS Intentional Interference Spoofing Study Team.

Additional contributions include developing a method for data transmission via Loran-C, conducting a safety analysis of integrity data broadcast using eLoran, developing a method for location encryption using Loran signals, conducting GPS signal authentication utilizing captured P-code information, developing a method to add navigation message authentication to GNSS signals, demonstrating multi-antenna arrays to provide robust PNT, ADS-B and DME as alternate source for PNT, demonstrating spoof detection using single dual polarization antenna, crowdsourcing spoof detection using smartphones, developing a backwards-compatible method for DME passive ranging, and acting as associate editor of the book, Position, Navigation, and Timing Technologies in the 21st Century: Integrated Satellite Navigation, Sensor Systems, and Civil Applications.

Dr. Lo is a senior research engineer in aeronautics and astronautics at Stanford University. He received his MS and his PhD in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Stanford University.