2022 Fellow

Presented to: Mr. Charles A. Schue

Citation: For distinguished and sustained technical and strategic contributions, leadership, and guidance in resilient PNT solutions

Charles Schue

Mr. Charles “Chuck” A. Schue, III is a pioneer in the design, implementation, or support of nearly every Loran-C, Loran-D, and eLoran system since 1975. Through one of his companies, UrsaNav, he offers continent-wide, ground-wave technology that is reliable and scalable, and available when GPS/GNSS is not. The technology is fully interoperable with, yet completely independent of, GPS/GNSS, and offers sky-free PNT directly to users, or as an enabler of other technologies. He is the author/ co-author of over 62 published papers, countless presentations, and several book chapters on low-frequency, Loran-C, enhanced Loran, and resilient PNT. He holds, or is named in, nine patents. An internationally recognized expert in radio navigation systems, Mr. Schue is a founding member of the UK Resilient PNT Group, two RTCM committees, and the SAE International’s Systems Management Council PNT Standards Committee, which issued the Transmitted Enhanced Loran Signal Standard, and two data channel modulation standards. Other achievements include participating in the provision of timing for the terrestrial infrastructure monitoring and controlling the first joint U.S.- Soviet space mission: the Apollo-Soyuz space docking; developing gait algorithms for the first-ever joint U.S.-Japanese effort in autonomous underwater robotics: the hexapod underwater walking robot, Aquarobot(tm); miniaturizing and marketing the first Thermal Diffusion Blood Flow monitor for neurosurgery; and developing a prototype Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Generator to study improving bone growth and knitting for space travel.

Mr. Schue, a US Coast Guard retiree, is a seasoned entrepreneur who is a founder, owner, and/or director for nine companies in the U.S. and Canada. As co-founder of the Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation, he helped establish resilient PNT as an international priority. He has been a member of ION Council and a director of the International Loran Association, is a Fellow of the RIN, and a Senior Member of IEEE and ASQ. He holds master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, and Business Administration.