2020 Thurlow Award

Presented to: Dr. Mingquan Lu

Citation: For significant and sustained contributions to the BDS-3 signal design and BDS-3/GNSS interoperable receivers development.

2020 Thomas L. Thurlow Award -  Dr. Mingquan Lu

Dr. Mingquan Lu has been dedicated to GNSS research and development for two decades, with a focus on GNSS signal design and receiver development. His research and development are critical to the success of BDS and LBS industries in China.

Dr. Lu has made groundbreaking contributions to the new GNSS signal design, specifically the Chinese BDS. He is the co-inventor of two novel modulation schemes, the Quadrature Multiplexed BOC (QMBOC) and the Asymmetric Constant Envelope BOC (ACE-BOC) for BDS-3 B1C and B2a/b signals. With their flexible signal structures, superior tracking and ranging performances, and excellent compatibility and interoperability with other GNSS signals, QMBOC and ACE-BOC mark the millstones in BDS’ evolution from a regional system to a global system. He also co-invented the multiplexing technique, the Constant Envelope Multiplexing via Intermodulation Construction (CEMIC), which combines multiple signals at several adjacent carrier frequencies into a composite signal to offer a high level of multiplexing efficiency and flexibility. CEMIC enables new and legacy, authorized and open service signals at the BDS-3 B1 band, facilitating BDS’ smooth transition from BDS-2 to BDS-3. Today, all thirty in-orbit BDS-3 satellites broadcast the new signals invented by Dr. Lu’s team worldwide.

A pioneer in multi-GNSS receiver research in China, Dr. Lu led the development of the early BDS-1 user terminal, the first BDS-2 baseband ASIC prototype, a multi-constellation real-time software receiver, and a BDS-3/GNSS interoperable reference receiver, etc. His featured reference receivers supported BDS-3 satellite signal design and in-orbit testing and was selected by leading BDS/GNSS simulator manufacturers for verification and demonstration. More than a dozen worldwide receiver manufacturers have implemented his signal algorithms and receiver technologies.

Dr. Lu is a professor and director of the PNT Research Center at Tsinghua University. He received his PhD from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.