2021 Fellow

Presented to: Dr. Mingquan Lu

Citation: For significant and sustained contributions to the BDS signal design, GNSS receiver development, promoting compatibility and interoperability between BDS and other GNSSs, and GNSS education.

Dr. Mingquan Lu

Dr. Mingquan Lu has been dedicated to the research and education of BDS/GNSS for two decades.

His most significant contributions are BDS-3 signal design and BDS-3/GNSS interoperable receiver development. He is the co-inventor of the QMBOC and ACE-BOC modulation schemes for BDS-3 B1C and B2a/b signals and the CEMIC multiplexing technique for BDS-3 signals at B1 band, which are transmitted by all 30 BDS-3 satellites today. QMBOC and ACE-BOC marked the millstones in the evolution of BDS from a regional system to a global system, while CEMIC enabled the smooth transition from BDS-2 to BDS-3. He also led the development of several BDS/GNSS receivers, including a multi-constellation real-time software receiver and a BDS-3/GNSS interoperable reference receiver, which supported BDS-3 satellite in-orbit testing. More than a dozen worldwide receiver manufacturers have implemented his technologies. These achievements are critical to the success of BDS and LBS industries in China.

A strong advocate for international collaboration between BDS and other GNSSs, Dr. Lu consistently voiced strong technical support for multilateral frequency coordination and played a critical role in establishing the compatibility and interoperability agreement between BDS and GPS.

A passionate educator, Dr. Lu has mentored over 50 graduate students and post-docs. He has published more than 350 technical papers, contributed to 5 books, and holds 46 patents. He has given numerous invited presentations, led conference organizations and technical committees, and contributed to editorial services and PNT standard development. He has provided numerous services to ION, including serving on the international advisory board for Pacific PNT, as an ION GNSS+ session chair, and as an ION GNSS+ tutorial instructor.

Dr. Lu is a professor and director of the PNT Research Center at Tsinghua University. He received his PhD in Communication and Electronic Systems from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.