2019 Fellow

Presented to: Dr. Chris G. Bartone

Citation: For sustained contributions in research, applications and teaching in the areas of electronic navigation, GNSS and antenna technologies.

Chris Bartone

Dr. Chris G. Bartone, P.E. is a professor at Ohio University with over 30 years of experience in communications, navigation, and surveillance systems. He has taught satellite navigation and antenna courses at Ohio University since 1999, and continues to do so in both on-campus and online formats. Dr. Bartone has also taught GNSSand navigation-related courses in the USA and internationally. He has played a significant role as technical expert in many patent litigation cases for some of the world’s largest high-tech companies.

Dr. Bartone has performed significant research at Ohio University, and has advanced navigation technologies including: C/A and wideband ranging airport pseudolites for LAAS and the USAF; multipath-limiting and interference mitigating antennas for the FAA and USAF; developing a high-precision antenna baseline measurement system for the USAF; developing Ballistic Missile Range Safety Technologies for the USAF; developing prototype high performance DGPS-based systems for positive train control for DOT; developing advanced error modeling techniques for eLoran for the FAA; contributions to user antenna configurations for a C-Band GNSS; avian target and ADS-B reporting to mitigate bird strikes in aviation for the FAA and developing the Satnav Augmentation to Improve Navigation Technology (SAINT) for USAF AFRL. Dr. Bartone has published in 93 professional publications over his career and holds two patents.

Additionally, Dr. Bartone has provided extensive volunteer service and leadership to ION over the decades serving on the ION Council in numerous capacities, including technical air representative, eastern region vice president, chair of the outreach committee and as an ION meeting general/program/track/session chair. Dr. Bartone is the current editor of the ION’s Virtual Navigation Museum.

Dr. Bartone received his PhD EE from Ohio University in 1998, an MSEE from the Naval Postgraduate School in 1987, and a BSEE from The Pennsylvania State University in 1983.