2019 Tycho Brahe Award

Presented to: Dr. André Hauschild

Citation: For outstanding and sustained contributions in the field of GNSS-based navigation, timing and attitude determination of space vehicles.

Andre Hauschild - Brahe 2019

Dr. André Hauschild is a researcher in the GNSS Technology and Navigation Group at DLR’s German Space Operations Center, where his research addresses the monitoring of GNSS clock offsets based on real-time measurements. His REal-TIme CLock Estimation (RETICLE) system provides instantaneous correction data for high-precision point positioning and (near-)real-time orbit determination using five GNSS constellations. As part of the NAVCAST service and the IGS Real-Time Project, RETICLE clock corrections are freely available. The processing software has been proposed as part of the Galileo High Accuracy Service.

Dr. Hauschild has applied his expertise in the fields of GNSS and spacecraft navigation to a variety of technology demonstration missions. As a team member for the Ariane-5 OCAM-G experiment, he first demonstrated the feasibility of using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) GNSS receivers for flight safety and navigation of European heavy-lift launchers. In the Navigation and Occultation Experiment onboard the TET microsatellite, he demonstrated the use of geodetic-grade COTS receivers for precise orbit determination and bending angle retrieval in radio occultation measurements.

Dr. Hauschild used a triplet of miniaturized single-frequency GPS receivers for attitude determination of the “flying laptop” microsatellite. He recently conducted the first demonstration of spacecraft attitude determination using dual-frequency GPS measurements of the CASSIOPE mission. These enabled near-instantaneous ambiguity fixing and lost-in-sky attitude determination as an exciting alternative to other attitude sensors. Using GNSS signals transmitted by different L-band antennas, he determined the yaw attitude of QZSS satellites.

Dr. Hauschild has (co-)authored roughly 70 journal papers, book chapters, and conference contributions, which earned Best Presentation/Paper awards. Dr. Hauschild chairs the Real- Time Pilot Project of the International GNSS Service. He is presently a technical representative on the ION Council, and has served as member of the organizing committee for three ION conferences over the past five years. He holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Technische Universität Braunschweig (2007) and a PhD in Satellite Geodesy from Technische Universität München (2010). Tycho Brahe Award To recognize outstanding contributions to the science of space navigation, guidance and control.