2019 Per Enge Early Achievement Award

Presented to: Dr. Ramsey Faragher

Citation: For outstanding innovations in mobile positioning and navigation, and in particular for pioneering the revolutionary SuperCorrelation technology.

Ramsey Faragher - Enge 2019

Dr. Ramsey Faragher’s career in positioning navigation and timing (PNT) began at BAE Systems in 2007, where he developed new positioning systems for a variety of platforms, including the award-winning Navigation Signals of Opportunity (NAVSOP) system, which provides GNSS-denied navigation using a mixture of cellphone, radio and TV transmitters. One of Dr. Faragher’s NAVSOP techniques earned him the ION PLANS best paper award in 2012.

From 2013 to 2015, he was a senior research associate at the University of Cambridge, working on a variety of indoor positioning systems. His work on low-power techniques for Simulator Localization and Mapping (SLAM) on smartphones was awarded ION’s Samuel Burka Award for best paper in NAVIGATION. Additionally, he has been awarded four other Best Presentation in Session awards at various ION GNSS+ conferences.

In 2015, Dr. Faragher founded Focal Point Positioning, a company that employs 23 full-time staff, and under Dr. Faragher’s leadership, has developed two major innovations in navigation technology. D-Tail is a human-motion-modelling system using smartphone inertial sensors, and S-GNSS is a new inertially aided GNSS signal processing technique, suitable for all dynamic applications, including smartphones. The underlying “SuperCorrelation” technology within S-GNSS provides significantly enhanced sensitivity, integrity, accuracy, and robustness. SuperCorrelation separates out line of sight (LOS) and non-line of sight (NLOS) signals during the correlation process, providing multipath mitigation, anti-spoofing and signal arrival-angle determination. Focal Point is currently discussing the commercialization of both technologies with several major companies.

Dr. Faragher became a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN) in 2015. He has served as an associate editor of the RIN’s Journal of Navigation and held numerous leadership roles for the RIN’s International Navigation Conferences and ION’s GNSS+ conferences. Dr. Faragher earned a first class MSci/BA(hons) in Physics and has a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge.