2018 Hays Award

Presented to: Karl W. Shallberg

Citation: For significant contributions to the FAA’s Wide Area Augmentation System, technical leadership in reference receiver development and anomaly/interference mitigation, and critical support to DOT’s Adjacent Band Compatibility study.

2018 Hays Award - Karl Shallberg

Mr. Karl W. Shallberg has supported the FAA since 1996. Currently a senior associate with Zeta Associates Inc., Mr. Shallberg has been the project lead for Zeta’s FAA GNSS Program Support as well as for Volpe PNT Spectrum Engineering efforts, since 2013. Mr. Shallberg has been a key technical advisor to the FAA GNSS program across a wide range of areas, such as GPS receiver and antenna performance, interference assessments, and system/unit acquisitions. His primary efforts for the FAA have been on the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), where he is a member of the WAAS Integrity Performance Panel (WIPP).

Mr. Shallberg has contributed greatly to the WAAS Program Office over the last 20 years. He was instrumental in assisting with WAAS achieving Initial Operational Capability, and was responsible for WAAS reference receiver (G-III and earlier), reference station antenna, and defined measurement processing algorithms that reduce multipath and estimate relative station clock and L1-L2 biases. In addition, he also defined tools and capabilities to enhance WAAS performance and operations to resolve anomalies, continuously monitor interference, and reduce impacts of ionospheric scintillation.

Mr. Shallberg has contributed to the FAA’s GNSS Evolutionary Architecture Study (GEAS), GNSS Intentional Interference and Spoofing Study Team (GIISST) and has supported RTCA Special Committee 159 Working Group 2 (SBAS), 6 (interference), and 7 (antennas). Most recently, he was a key participant for the DOT’s Adjacent Band Compatibility Study, which included overseeing Zeta’s radiated equipment development and performing as the Civil Test Conductor at White Sands Missile Range for this study’s test element.

Mr. Shallberg has shared key aspects of his work throughout his career via ION publications. He previously served as president of Grass Roots Enterprises Inc. and started his career with the U.S. Government. He received his BS in physics from Norwich University.