2017 PTTI Distinguished Service Award

Presented to: William Bollwerk

Citation: For service to the Department of Defense and country in promoting the importance of time, and educating policymakers and mission operators to ensure understanding of time in critical operations.


Mr. William Bollwerk is in charge of the USNO Detachment Colorado. There he oversees the operation of the Alternate Master Clock located at Schriever Air Force Base, which he stood up in 1995. He also leads the DoD Precise Time and Time Interval (PTTI) team on behalf of the DoD’s Deputy PTTI Manager. Mr. Bollwerk has been active in the Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) field for close to 25 years.

Mr. Bollwerk initiated the DoD PNT Science and Technology Roadmap effort in 2003 on behalf of ASD(R&E) and has cochaired the team updating the roadmap on a biennial basis. He works with OSD Leadership, Services, and Agencies as the DoD timing SME. He developed the initial DoD PTTI management instruction in 2011 and the first PTTI requirements listing in 2013. He works extensively with the Joint Staff and Combatant Commanders, particularly STRATCOM and NORTHCOM, on PNT matters advising all levels of leadership.

Mr. Bollwerk assisted in the development of the Chair, Joint Chiefs of Staff Master PNT Plan, the PNT Joint Capability Document, the PNT Science and Technology Roadmap, and as the technical lead for the GPS Enterprise Modernization and PNT Assurance Analysis of Alternatives. He has contributed to the ION PTTI meeting and is a leader in the ION’s Joint Navigation Conference.

Mr. Bollwerk received his MS in Physics from the Naval Postgraduate School and his BS in Astrophysics from University of New Mexico. His civilian awards include the Navy Superior Civilian Award, Navy Meritorious Civilian Award, and the Captain James M. Gilliss Award for Outstanding Service.