2015 PTTI Distinguished Service Award

Presented to: Donald Mitchell

Citation: For his coordination between the PTTI user community and hardware developers, and contributions to the organization and operation of the PTTI meeting.


Mr. Donald Mitchell has developed, encouraged and coordinated the interaction between the PTTI user community and the timing hardware developers and manufacturers through his contributions to the Precise Time and Time Interval meeting. Mr. Mitchell was responsible for the development of the PTTI exhibit and vendor session that successfully informed the timing community of new and emerging technology and facilitated the exchange of information.

Mr. Mitchell participated in the overall organization of the PTTI Executive Committee and PTTI Award Committee through 2014. Over the years he was worked for, or represented, some of the PTTI community’s most prominent vendors including Austron, TrueTime, Datum, Symmetricom, Microsemi and Spectracom. In those capacities he worked with government and prime contractors to match available technology with system needs and to stimulate development of new capabilities to meet evolving requirements. Mr. Mitchell currently serves as the Chief Technical Officer of ORCA Technologies, a spin-off of Geil Marketing.