2013 Thurlow Award

Presented to: Dr. Y. Jade Morton

Citation: For significant contributions to the understanding of ionospheric effects on navigation satellite signals, development of several innovative signal processing algorithms and dedication to navigation education.


Dr. Y. Jade Morton has made important contributions to understanding the ionosphere and its effects on GNSS signals. In experiments using both radar and optical sensors, she and her colleagues obtained measurements of electron density profiles in the ionosphere and used this data to characterize the dynamic processes which control plasma distributions and energy coupling in various layers of the atmosphere. This enabled the development of techniques to compensate for ionosphere-induced errors. She has delved deeply into ionospheric errors and their effects on GNSS signals to the benefit of high-accuracy applications such as surveying and precision agriculture. She established a network of multi-constellation GNSS receivers that autonomously recorded signals as they were affected by space weather at various locations; this information has been used to design and develop more robust receivers. She has contributed techniques that have made it possible for GPS receivers to generate navigation solutions when only a few, or even no, satellites can be tracked by conventional methods. She has designed numerous space-time and time-frequency algorithms and her subspace projection algorithm is used as a benchmark by other researchers.

Dr. Morton has published extensively in refereed journals, conference proceedings, and trade publications. She is the recipient of five ION Best Paper Awards. She has served in numerous volunteer roles within ION including program and general chair of both the ION GNSS+ and ION ITM meetings, and program co-chair of ION’s Pacific PNT. She is currently serving as the chair of the ION’s Satellite Division. She has been active in ION’s international outreach activities and received numerous academic awards.

Dr. Morton is a professor of Electrical Engineering at Miami University (Ohio) where she played an instrumental role in establishing the ECE department and has mentored hundreds of students. She holds a PhD in electrical engineering from Penn State and a master’s degree in EE from Case Western.