2013 Superior Achievement Award

Presented to: Captain Alexander Dufault

Citation: For his dedication as MC-130P Navigator in developing and executing new techniques, increasing the full range employment and navigation prevision of the MC-130P Combat Shadow.


Captain Alexander Dufault is a special operations navigator assigned to the 67th special operations squadron, RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom. Capt. Dufault’s demonstration of outstanding achievement in navigation at the tactical level makes him an Air Force Special Operations Command premier aviator. As an MC-130P navigator, his achievements are invaluable as he continually strives to hold himself and others to the highest standards.

As the squadron’s newest navigator, Capt. Dufault was quickly deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan. Capt. Dufault planned and executed a low level psychological operations leaflet airdrop totaling 15,000 leaflets covering three different targets while under the constant threat of enemy small arms and rocket fire.

On another occasion Capt. Dufault expertly planned and flew a low cost low altitude airdrop which included 2,300 pounds of mission essential food and water to a newly established tactical drop zone in support of a multination operation. His precision in flight calculations allowed his crew to descend 10,000 feet in 13 nautical miles through ominous terrain to a drop altitude of 300 feet above ground level and then accurately airdrop the supplies to United States and Afghan forces allowing them to receive their sustainment supplies with minimal movement from a concealed location.

In August 2012, Capt. Dufault was the lead navigator on a mission to conduct a last minute, emergency helicopter air-to-air refueling (HAAR) for three MH-47 Chinook helicopters over the desolate wasteland near Afghanistan’s southwestern border. The mission began with an airdrop of much-needed supplies and ammunition to a drop zone on the eastern Afghanistan border to special operations forces conducting direct action against enemy targets. Inside one minute to drop release, Capt. Dufault’s aircraft was engaged by enemy smallarms fire causing the air crew to react rapidly to not only protect themselves and the aircraft, but to maintain course and ensure delivery of the sustainment supplies. Capt. Dufault’s precise navigation ensured a perfect drop and the crew egressed the area.