2013 Early Achievement Award

Presented to: Dr. Jacques Georgy

Citation: For contributions to portable and indoor navigation using MEMS inertial sensors on consumer devices.

Dr. Jacques Georgy

Dr. Jacques Georgy has contributed greatly towards solving indoor and urban navigational problems. The focus of his contribution is on creating algorithms for portable navigation using MEMS sensors in indoor/urban environments without placing constraints on the user/platform, use case, or orientation of the portable device. He has developed innovative algorithms and methods for: (i) estimating the relative orientation (misalignment) between the device and the moving platform whether a user, vehicle, or vessel of any type; (ii) enabling the portable device to work seamlessly in any orientation, allowing the phone to be used freely, without affecting the navigation performance; and (iii) optimizing navigation performance by using optimal algorithms autonomously for different platforms (including person, vehicle, vessel, or person on platform) making the full navigation solution independent from the platform types user/ platform and their various motion dynamics. All these algorithms and methods work in real-time on portable devices.

Dr. Georgy is the vice president of research and development of Trusted Positioning Inc., Calgary, Canada, where he leads the design of navigation algorithms for a variety of applications, including portable and indoor navigation applications for consumer devices using MEMS sensors. He has 19 patents pending and numerous publications.

Dr. Georgy holds a MSC in Computer and Systems Engineering from Ain Shams University, Egypt and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada, both focused on positioning and navigation.