2009 Kepler Award

Presented to: Dr. Penina Axelrad

Citation: For her continued contributions in the field of satellite navigation; dedication to the education of future generations of navigation engineers; and extensive service to professional societies including The Institute of Navigation.


Dr. Penina Axelrad has an extensive history of significant contributions to the field of satellite navigation including receiver autonomous GPS integrity monitoring (RAIM), GPS bistatic radar, satellite formation flying using GPS, GPS-based orbit and satellite attitude determination, and multipath characterization, modeling and mitigation.

Additionally, Dr. Axelrad has authored or co-authored 37 peer reviewed journal papers relating to satellite navigation, written 85 conference papers, served as an author/associate editor of AIAA's GPS "Blue Book"—the seminal two volume textbook: Global Positioning System: Theory and Applications.

Dr. Axelrad is currently a Professor of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at the University of Colorado where she has been responsible for educating navigation engineers for the past 17 years. Her current research interest include: Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology and applications for real-time satellite orbit and attitude determination, GPS surface reflections, GPS multipath characterization and mitigation, orbital dynamics and spacecraft rendezvous.

Dr. Axelrad is a Senior Member of The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, a Fellow of The Institute of Navigation and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and is a past president of The Institute of Navigation. She was the recipient of the 1996 AIAA Sperry Award and 2003 ION Tycho Brahe Award. She received a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University and a S.B. and S.M. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.