2007 Fellow

Presented to: Dr. James Huddle

Citation: For his contributions to the design and operation of inertial navigation systems.


Dr. James Huddle is an internationally recognized expert in multi-sensor integrated inertial navigation systems. He is especially prominent in the use of inertial systems for geodetic-position and gravity-disturbance vector surveying. He has made his contributions as an independent researcher and a team leader at Litton Guidance & Control Systems, now the Navigation Systems Division of Northrop Grumman where he is currently director of advanced projects.

Dr. Huddle holds nine patents with four pending and one under secrecy order attesting to his individual contributions. He has written several archival publications and has been an invited lecturer on navigation technology at a number of universities, including Stanford, Ohio State, UCLA, Wisconsin, Calgary, and Stuttgart. Dr. Huddle has contributed to the navigation industry as a member of the PLANS conference executive committee and as a member of the board of governors of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society where he is currently vice president of technical operations responsible for several technical panels and the distinguished lecturers program. He is a fellow of the IEEE and the International Association of Geodesy.

He served on the Naval Studies Board Panel for Advanced Navigation Technology for the National Academy of Sciences from 1982 to 1984, evaluating gravity gradiometry for the U.S. Navy Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines for both navigation and the referencing of ballistic missile guidance systems. The panel included nationally recognized university professors and industrial scientists. He has also served on committees for the National Research Council as an invited expert on integrated inertial navigation systems and their applications.

Dr. Huddle was a recipient of the ION Thurlow award in 1988 and the IEEE millennium medal in 2000. He received the Distinguished Engineering Achievement Award from the California Engineers Council in 2000. He has received a number of corporate awards and was inducted into the Northrop Grumman "Hall of Fame" in 2004.