2007 Parkinson Award

Presented to: Dr. Andria Bilich

Citation: For her thesis entitled, “Improving the Precision and Accuracy of Geodetic GPS: Applications to Multipath and Seismology.”


Dr. Andria Bilich received her B.S. in Geophysics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1999.

Dr. Bilich received her M.S. in 2004 and Ph.D. in December 2006, both from The University of Colorado. Beginning in 2001, she conducted GPS geodesy research in the Development of Aerospace Engineering Sciences working with Professors Kristine M. Larson and Penina Axelrad. Her research was focused on characterizing multipath effects in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) measurements and geodetic (dual-frequency, phase and pseudorange) positions. She also developed improved techniques for existing GPS receiver technology to accurately record transient displacements resulting from large earthquakes. In July 2007, she will joint the National Geodetic Survey's Geosciences Research Division in Boulder, Colorado to continue her GNSS and geodesy research.