2005 Fellow

Presented to: Dr. James L. Farrell

Citation: For his sustained contributions to inertial navigation technology, GPS integrity, and integrated navigation systems.


Dr. James L. Farrell's technical experience includes teaching appointments at Marquette and UCLA, two years each at Honeywell Minneapolis and Bendix-Pacific, and 31 years at Westinghouse in design, simulation, and validation/test for modern estimation algorithms in navigation and tracking applications and digital communications system design.

He is currently president and technical director of VIGIL, Inc. in Severna Park, MD. His primary contributions are in the areas of inertial navigation technology, Global Positioning System integrity and integrated navigation systems, including extensive error propagation analyses, Synthetic Aperture Radar motion compensation and transfer alignment algorithms.

He is author of the book, Integrated Aircraft Navigation (Academic Press, 1976) and has written over 75 journal and conference manuscripts, many of which appear in ION publications.

He served as co-chair of Working Group 5 on GPS Fault Detection and Exclusion (Special Committee 159, RTCA, Inc.). He also has continued his teaching on university campuses as well as in both industry and conference seminars.

Dr. Farrell holds a M.S. degree from UCLA (1961) and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Maryland (1967) and is a registered professional engineer in Maryland.