2005 Early Achievement Award

Presented to: Dr. Andrey Soloviev

Citation: For his early contributions to frequency domain processing of inertial measurements and deeply integrated GPS/inertial navigation.


Dr. Andrey Soloviev is a research engineer with the Ohio University Avionics Engineering Center. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in applied mathematics and physics from the Moscow University of Physics and Technology and his doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Ohio University. His research includes various aspects of inertial navigation, GPS/INS integration, GPS software receiver development, GPS carrier phase positioning, digital signal processing, and joint time-frequency data analysis.

In his dissertation, Dr. Soloviev investigated frequency domain processing of inertial measurement sensors, for which he received the William E. Jackson Award from the RTCA, Inc. in 2003.

Most recently, he has served as the primary researcher for a deep GPS/IMU integration program that led to the first in-flight demonstration of continuous carrier phase tracking of a deeply-integrated GPS/IMU at carrier-to-noise ratios below 15 dB-Hz.

Dr. Soloviev developed several novel techniques, including GPS tracking without knowledge of the navigation data bits, joint time/frequency domain tracking for mm/s velocity performance from GPS L1 and code-less L2, mitigation of cross-correlation errors using P-code measurements, high-update rate measurements (up to 1 kHz) that are statistically independent, statistically-independent L1/L2 measurements, deep GPS/IMU integration at the cm/s level with long lever arms (several meters) between the GPS antenna and the IMU, and in-flight re-acquisition of GPS signals below 15 dB-Hz.

He has received two ION GNSS best of session paper awards: “Deeply Integrated GPS/Low-Cost IMU for Low CNR Signal Processing: Flight Test Results and Real Time Implementation,” (GNSS 2004) and “Development of High Performance High Update Rate Reference GPS Receiver,” (GNSS 2005). Dr. Soloviev is one of three authors of a recently filed patent on GPS/INS deep integration and is an author or co-author of more than 20 navigation related publications.