2003 Fellow

Presented to: Dr. Benjamin W. Remondi

Citation: For continuing contributions and leadership in the advancement of centimeterlevel GPS positioning, both static and kinematic.


Dr. Benjamin W. Remondi is president of The XYZs of GPS, Inc. where he designs and develops real time and playback software systems and products in support of static and kinematic positioning based primarily upon GPS observations. In the 1980s

Dr. Remondi proposed a number of methods in use today such as the triple differencing method, the antenna exchange method, and the kinematic survey method, while at the National Geodetic Survey of NOAA. His early work was the beginning of the "antenna swap" method. Dr. Remondi was the first to show that one can do precise GPS carrier-phase positioning with triple-difference measurements (in contrast to double differences). This was documented in his doctoral dissertation in 1984. The notation that

Dr. Remondi introduced in his dissertation is now the de facto standard used by researchers in the field. Many researchers consider Dr. Remondi to be the "Father of Real-Time Kinematic Survey."

Today Dr. Remondi concentrates on subcentimeter real-time "static" monitoring and subdecimeter real time kinematic positioning over baselines up to hundreds of kilometers.

Dr. Remondi's professional contributions over the past 20 years include participation in numerous GPS and surveying conferences, as both a technical chair and presenter, many technical papers, and participation in many planning committees, especially those related to GPS modernization and LAAS integrity.

Dr. Remondi received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas in 1984. He has written over 50 technical papers many of which were presented at ION meetings. He has been a member of The Institute of Navigation since 1982 and from 1992 to 1994 served on the ION Council as a Land Representative.