2001 Fellow

Presented to: Mr. Gaylord Green

Citation: For his recognized leadership in the development and deployment of the Global Positioning System and his sustained contributions to the field of guidance and control.


Mr. Gaylord Green's life's work has been devoted to developing and deploying navigation and guidance systems. While in the U.S. Air Force, he was involved in the creation, development and operation of the Global Positioning System. He also was instrumental in the development of the most precise ICBM inertial guidance system for which he received the Institute of Navigation's Norman P. Hays Award. After Air Force retirement, he continued his career with the NavAstro Company to support GPS developments, the ultimately precise Relativity Gyroscope project and the Equivalence Principle Differential Accelerometer project.

Mr. Green has been an ION member since 1970 and is an ION past president. He is responsible for activating the Satellite Division during his term as ION president, and subsequently served as Satellite Division chair.