2001 Fellow

Presented to: Dr. Charles R. Cahn (Honorary Fellow)

Citation: For his continued contributions to GPS signal and waveform design.


Dr. Charles R. Cahn has acted as a consultant in Global Positioning Systems and spread-spectrum systems since his retirement from the Magnavox APS Company in 1990 as vice president and chief scientist. He was chief scientist at SiRF Technology and continues to provide services there as a consultant. Currently, he is chief technology officer at the WirelessHome Corporation. Recently, he participated in M-code wave-form design for GPS modernization as well as contributing to the design of the GPS L5 signal and the proposed design of the Replacement Code for the civilian GPS L2 signal. At Magnavox, he directed an early study that helped establish the GPS wave-form and participated in the design and development of GPS user equipments for military and civilian applications. He received his B.E.E., M.E.E. and Ph.D. from Syracuse University in 1949, 1951 and 1955, respectively. Dr. Cahn is a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.