2000 Fellow

Presented to: Brigadier General Robert A. Duffy, USAF (Ret.)

Citation: For his contributions to the field of guidance, control and navigation.


Brigadier General Robert A. Duffy, USAF (Ret.) has a natural affinity for people that has helped him assemble very talented and dedicated team members to create capabilities that satisfied military requirements for ICBMs and strategic aircraft. Subsequent to his USAF retirement, he directed the efforts of people at the Instrumentation Lab in creating systems for submarine navigation and for NASA´s space vehicle stabilization and control including APOLLO. Bob received his Aeronautical Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech. He attended MIT while assigned to the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory as a military trainee. Stark Draper, Professor and Department head of the Aero Department, focused Duffy´s interest in the engineering disciplines attendant to the technology which Draper largely created in the field of guidance, control and navigation. General Duffy is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a longtime member and past president of The Institute of Navigation. He was awarded the Thurlow Award by the Institute, received the Thomas D. White award from the National Geographic Society, and the USAF Distinguished Service Medal.