2000 Early Achievement Award

Presented to: Ms. Barbara Clark

Citation: For her exemplary contribution to navigation through the development, validation and ratification of United States and international requirements for Local Area Augmentation Systems.


Ms. Barbara Clark earned a bachelors degree in aerospace and ocean engineering and a masters degree in mechanical engineering. She began her professional work with industry in 1986, primarily working in the areas of modeling and simulation of aircraft aerodynamics and performance and in the analysis of flight control systems. Ms. Clark became a civil servant in 1995 and has worked for both the Navy and the Federal Aviation Administration in the Research, Development, Test and Evaluation of navigation and landing systems. The majority of Ms. Clark’s recent efforts have focused on the signal-in-space and airborne equipment standards development for ground-based augmentations to GPS. She is currently an engineer with the FAA’s Aircraft Certification Service, serving on the navigation team of the Avionics Systems Branch.