1999 Fellow Recipients Posthumous Recognition

Mr. Victor E. Carbonara
Citation: For his accomplishments in research, invention, design, development and manufacture of air and sea navigation equipment. 

Dr. Charles Stark Draper
Citation: For making possible the development of practical inertial navigation systems. He evolved the theory, invented and developed the technology, and led the effort that brought inertial navigation to operational usage in aircraft, submarines, missiles, and space vehicles. The Institute of Navigation honors Dr. Draper for his broad vision, tireless effort, scientific competence, and inspirational leadership as well as his outstanding contributions to the science of navigation. 

Mr. Sherman M. Fairchild
Citation: For his contributions to the development and improvement of aerospace systems. 

Mr. Kenneth Fertig
Citation: For a lifetime of groundbreaking contributions in the field of guidance and navigational control. 

Colonel Norman P. Hays, USAF (Ret.)
Citation: For being an outstanding navigator, engineer and manager and for playing a major role in the development, engineering and flight testing of advanced navigation systems. 

Dr. Samuel Herrick 
Citation: For his “deep and comprehensive understanding of astronomy and pioneering in astrodynamics that played a powerful role in making the resources of science available to space technology, especially in the absolutely essential field of astronautical navigation.” (Charles Stark Draper, 1971) 

Mrs. Mary Tornich Janislawski 
Citation: For her lifelong contributions to navigation and her support of the Institute.

Mr. Elrey Borge Jeppesen 
Citation: For his continuing lifetime achievements and contributions to the birth and maturity of aviation navigation.

Mr. Paul S. Jorgenson 
Citation: For leadership in Systems Engineering for the GPS Phase I Satellite Constellation, and for analysis of data collected during satellite operations.

Dr. Richard B. Kershner 
Citation: For his ever-enthusiastic inspiration, encouragement, support, and accomplishments in the field of earth satellites to aid military and commercial navigation and geodesy.

Mr. Edwin A. Link 
Citation: For being the dominant force in the development and manufacture of simulators for use in aviation, space and marine applications.

Captain Alton B Moody, USN (Ret.)
Citation: For his wide dissemination of a vast store of scientific and practical knowledge on navigation and for his distinguished and outstanding service to The Institute of Navigation.

Dr. Thomas D. Nicholson
Citation: For his outstanding contributions to the advancement of navigation and for his distinguished serve to The Institute.

Mr. John A. Pierce 
Citation: For his pioneering work in the Loran and OMEGA navigational systems.

Major William L. Polhemus, USAF (Ret.)
Citation: In recognition for his outstanding accomplishments as a practicing navigator in supersonic aircraft and his contributions to the advancement of navigation.

Mr. Wladimir A. Reichel
Citation: For his outstanding accomplishments in the field of aircraft instrumentation and navigation.

Colonel Thomas L. Thurlow
Citation: For his major impact on the development of air navigation training and for his significant contributions in the development of navigation techniques and equipment.

Captain Philip Van Horn Weems, USN (Ret.)
Citation: In recognition for his outstanding continuous contributions to the art and science of navigation.

Mr. Vernon I. Weihe 
Citation: For his sustained contributions to Air Navigation and the Institute of Navigation.

Dr. Walter Wrigley 
Citation: For his scholarly work on Schuler Tuning and for his selfless devotion to the education of his students now serving the navigation and guidance community.